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      Culture And Tourism +More

      Historic Culture

      As a provincial-level historical and cultural city, Xindu enjoys time-honored history of almost 2,800 years and outstand... 【detail】

      Tourist attractions

      Located in Sanhe Town, the portal of Sichuan Province which is at the intersection of Chuanshan Road and the Ring Expres... 【detail】

      Dinning and Enterainment

      1.Yangguang HotelAddress: the Middle Section of Jing’an Road, New City Region, Xindu DistrictPhone: 028-893922882.Baixi... 【detail】

      Star Hotels

      1.Crowne PlazaAddress: Poly Park 198, No.1980, Shu Long Avenue, Xindu DistrictPhone: 028-618081062.Holiday Inn Chengdu X... 【detail】